Wine & Gourmet Dropshipping

Dropshipping is not new. The service is already provided in other sectors by reputable companies such as Amazon, while its internal functioning is complex.

Essentially, Decantia Group puts at your disposal the opportunity to perform grouped from different suppliers in accordance with the conditions that govern the contractual relationship of the central with its customers. To do this, more than 140 providers have made a significant effort to stock in an independent logistics service provider (Maher Consulting) goods of its ownership in order to provide you with access to the same preferential conditions.

Your project gain multiple benefits, immediate and very remarkable. Namely:

– Financial: it doesn’t need to store goods to benefit from optimal conditions of purchase. In this way, we facilitate the optimization of its cash flow by reducing the use of their lines of credit.

– Logistics: saving transport and logistics costs that will expand your trading margin in an estimated range between 10% and 15% with respect to the service of others.

– Transport: reducing the costs of shipment of goods to avoid double transit (the provider to its facilities and from there to client).

– Administrative: to concentrate purchases, which allows better planning of your operational procurement and reduce the number of administrative procedures derived from them.

– Incident: to reduce the rate of breakage as experience in the handling and palletising largely avoids the incidents that occurred in the transportation of the merchandise, so fragile in our sector. The insurance is high and the savings in this aspect is significant.

– Marketing: to be able to have access to your advertising and promotional material centrally and operating at a low cost.

– On-Demand service: to allow for customization in the preparation of orders individually, accessed in mixed formats.

– Productivity: it doesn’t need to track the reception of goods in small deliveries, as well as replenish the goods on the day of the reception.

– Promotion and Training: the use of the fulfillment allows you to incorporate formative actions or merchandise to their customers.

– Differentiation in Service and Product: to have access to references of excellent quality-price relation, with artisanal products fleeing linear large surfaces in their majority.

– Technology: to access the catalog in digital format by integrating it with its platform, to have a team of highly qualified and experienced in the online channel. Automatic access to the stock on a daily basis.

– Consulting firm specializing in transport and logistics processes, marketing, technology, etc.

– Product Advice. We have expert winemakers, gourmets, commercial and tourism sector.

And all of this without conditions of purchase and with a close and professional treatment. Our main objective is to give viability and competitiveness projects e-commerce in the world of wine and gourmet food.

Union means strength.

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