Decantia Group was born in 2006 as a Wine Marketplace by four professionals from different sectors (wine, technology, restoration…).

Since its inception, it is postulated as a technology-based company, innovative, fresh and professional. Under the philosophy of direct service from cellar, personalized and original products of excellent quality – price, the number of suppliers that rely on us is growing rapidly.

The success of the online initiative to expand by leaps and bounds the company diversifying the portfolio of products and services that revolve around wine. Thus, during the year 2007 we began to commercialize enotouristic and wine therapy. At the end of this year we began our training events and wine tasting courses for which each year more than 800 students. Also, we empower our oenological events to companies which allows us to make events in various languages for groups.

In 2008 we accelerate growth thanks to oenology departments. During the 2008 comprehensive advice we initiated the creation of wine cellar that has allowed us to develop a project wine from the start designing, building, creating and marketing wines for an investor group.

At that time, we professionalize our marketing department that allow you to design a strategic plan to 5 years. The plan allowed the creation of our franchise Wine Bars after professionalizing various areas of business. Throughout this decade, the franchise continues its sustained growth with openings along the entire national geography.

From our birth, innovation has been part of our DNA. Therefore, in 2012 start up Decantia Hub Gourmet & Beverages, the first platform independent of gourmet product, wines and beers where more than 140 suppliers working for the common benefit.

Today, we are a solid company in the process of internationalisation, with a shareholding team aligned, a network of providers committed, some franchisees professionals and thousands of connected clients with us in a satisfactory manner.

The future holds great challenges, we encourage you to share them.